Christmas Light Installers Do's and Don'ts

Yes, there are things to do and things not to do when hanging Christmas lights either commercially, residentially, or as a homeowner. 


  • Have power connected to the lights while installing. This way you can see which was are not fully screwed in when the installment is complete.  

  • Test strands of lights while you go. You can do it before, but it saves time to do it while installing. 

  •  When doing bushes, start the lights with the female end at the top. This way you will be able to connect power. 



  • At the end of an installment do not leave the chords in a hot mess. Remember, the customer is paying you for a professional job. 

Below you can see how to wrap the chords together. Electrical tape is used to keep the chords together. 

  • Do not use bright colored extension chords. Green along the grass and cream/white for the houses.
  • Do not have extension chords run straight through  the driveway. 

As you can see below, the chord looks out of place. 

  • Never run lights through empty space to connect to bushes. Again, you are being paid to make it look professional. Keep it clean.

Below you will see how to connect the two strands of lights with a black jumper cable. This way it will blend in with the mulch.  


Well, I hope these do's and don'ts will help you in the future for Christmas Light installing whether you are doing it commercially, residentially or as a homeowner!

To see the whole process and see how you can do each of these steps please check out our YouTube channel and search "Tip From a Pro Christmas Light Installers. The Big No no's to Holiday Lighting.  


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