Spiral Wrapping Canopy Trees

What brings excitement to the Christmas season? A professional spiral wrapped tree of course! 

So, here are some tips on how to have a spiral wrapped tree that looks professional. 

Below your will see images of how the process will go to spiral wrap a tree. There are certain tools used and lights to make it stand out and look a professional has completed the job. 

Products used: 

  • 5mm LED lights 
  • "Mr. Long Arm"


Below is how to start. The base of the tree and then make your way up from the trunk to the branches.

When adding a new strand of lights, tie them together so they do not come undone. Below is an image of how it should look. 

After you have reached the point where you are unable to reach, "Mr. Long Arm" comes into play. This is just a painters pole and a bike hook that have attached together by tape. You can get the pole and hook and any local hardware store. 

 To insure the lights will stay on the tree through the season, I  suggest to wrap the lights every third time around a branch. This keep them securely in the tree. 

To see how spiral wrap trees from start to finish, please go to our YouTube channel and type in "Tip From a Pro-Spiral Wrapping Trees" 

Hope this helped and gave you tips on how to hang Christmas lights like a pro! 



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